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May 29, 2017

True Treasures are often neglected.

They say that in the sixteenth century, many pirates who lived stealing other ships on the high seas and hid the looted treasures on the coast of Los Cabos were traveling through the Pacific and the Sea of Cortez.

Among all these, there was one called Captain Storm, who was feared by his crew for being extremely cruel and bloodthirsty.

This captain was very rich, and one day he decided to hide all his treasure in a cave that was by the sea, where the two seas meet.

That place is in what is now known as Cabo San Lucas, very close to the Arc of Los Cabos, and is known today as the Pirate's Cave.

There they lowered all the jewels, pearls, precious stones, silver and gold, and after doing so he ordered to close the cave and to throw a curse to whoever dared to enter.

But over the years Captain Storm died while trying to steal a ship, and the secret of his cave seemed to be forgotten, until one day a woman came to that cave with her son, where she perceived that a voice called her from inside.

Although he felt he should not enter, curiosity won him, and he decided to enter that dark grotto, until he found within himself, riches never before imagined.

Her fear mingled with the joy of having found so much fortune, but the entrance of the cave seemed to be closing slowly, and in that silence where only the waves of the sea were heard, she thought she heard a voice from deep Of the place, which said: "Take all you can and go, because the entrance will be closed forever."

She struggled to take everything she could, ancient coins, royal jewels, and figures carved in ivory. But the longer she delayed, the more the cave closed, until she satisfied with all she possessed, ran out of the place with her hands full of riches.

But to think of ambition and flight, he forgot the most important treasure he had, and while he shouted, "My son," there was a noise of thundering stones that fell into the cave and closed inside.

The Pirate's Cave was closed for this woman, and she could no longer rescue the one she loved most because of ephemeral greed.

While his tears were falling, he threw all things into the sea, and ran to the entrance, but no matter how hard he tried, he could not enter.

Eventually, she had not stopped crying, when she looked up to see a face between the stones and their shadows, which seemed to smile.