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May 29, 2017

Legend has it that when Cabo San Lucas was a sparsely populated place a boat arrived with yellow fever patients who had been in La Paz days before, where they were denied entry to port.

This ship arrived at the Cabo San Lucas dock and those present, noticing the pallor of the people at the bow, were denied entry.

It was one of those hot days and from the inside of the boat came an elderly woman who showed how sick she was with her walk. In her arms she was carrying a child and the only thing the old woman and the crew of this boat asked the guests on the dock was a little water and food.

These not only denied them the food, but also the water and the food threw it into the sea and then burst out laughing.

This is said to have provoked the ire of the crew of this ship who were Hungarians and also seers.

The woman cursed all generations of those who were present at the dock, who would die atrociously and even cursed the port of Cabo San Lucas, saying that one day it would disappear when the sea came upon them by taking what was denied and stolen. Following this the boat left.

They tell that a gentleman named Thomas Ritchie, at that moment arrived and seeing that the ship was wondering what happened.

Knowing this fact, he sent two people of his confidence to bring the ship back, as he could give them what they needed. However when the boat approached the boat they refused to return, insisting on the curse that would fall on them.

Although this appears in some notes of some families who later came to live in Todos Santos and La Paz, it is not known for sure if it will happen. However the omens of a catastrophic end have been present for years.