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May 29, 2017
Checklist for los cabos

Many times we complicate our lives just to think we have to pack for any vacation. But it really is something that should not generate us stress.
On the contrary, we should all pack with the same happiness that we wake up on the day we know we will not go to work, because we are waiting for some delicious days of sun, sand and sea!

Here I leave you a basic check list, so that when you pack you will not forget anything of the important things when you get to your favorite beach.

Bathing things:

  • - Shampoo, conditioner, comb cream (more if your hair tends to become afro with moisture), rake, perfume without alcohol (to avoid staining), soap and face creams.

  • - Remove enamel and the same enamel you are wearing; It is typical that you are exposed by the sand, the sun and by the chlorine, they look horrible the half painted nails. Get ready!

Solar protection:

  • - Face, lip and body blocker (preferably with a high SPF). I recommend that on the first day you always sunk the body with blocker and gradually apply suntan protection. That way you sunbathe better without achicharrarte, more uniform and also, the color lasts much longer.

  • - RAloe Vera, apply it at night after bathing. The skin will thank you will be moisturized and the color will last much longer.
  • - Dark glasses. Try using them with UV protection. Try to take some comfortable for when lying on your stomach sunning yourself and do not hurt. Preferably of some neutral color that combines with all your outfits; For example: beige, nude or coffees.
  • - Evian water or a spray of spring water so you hydrate your face all the time, and so do not sweat so much, do not turn red tomato color and better yet, so you do not get those typical granites by sweat.
  • - Comfortable hat.


  • - Magazines, a good book, ipad, and music to relax.

To dress:

  • - Beach bag (with a more than enough).
  • - Combineable and comfortable sandals (that you can use for walking, in the pool and on the beach).
  • - A short dress of basic cotton, of some cool color like the white, to go down to the pool, beach or to go of walk.
  • - A maxi skirt or long beach dress to go for a walk in the sunset, go for a frapuccino or ice cream at the mall, and even if you wear some nice accessories and espadrilles you can go to.

To dine in some casual place

  • - A pair of shorts and t-shirts of preference with a "V" neck (for the heat, so you do not sweat) white or some phosphorescent tone (for your tan to look great) or even any tone Be in fashion
  • - Swimsuits. I recommend taking one for each day that you are going to be on your vacation. But if you plan to stay for more than 4 days, just take the most comfortable and try to combine them among them, which are preferably basic colors. (White, navy blue, nude, pink stick, beige, etc.); So you do not get tired visually.


  • - Watch against water (if you can not live without seeing the time).
  • - Comfortable earrings and boys with which you can get into the pool or the sea. Avoid wearing bracelets so they will not be marked when you take off.

I hope this check list will be very useful to you whenever you travel to a beach place, either for a weekend or for a long season.

The point is that you enjoy every moment without stressing about anything. On the other hand do not forget to protect you much from the sun, take lots of water, and if you can eat carrot juice, I recommend it a lot, since it contains beta-carotene that within its many benefits as precursor of vitamin A, helps the sun You get a great color.